Friday, May 3, 2013

Copenhagen Day 1

HELLO HELLO! I just finished my second paper yesterday and it's two more to go! Take a rest for today and I have nothing to do. So I'm here to update my blog since I have promised. Blog about my first trip to Europe - Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wanting a single trip for quite a long time. The first time I told mum that I wanna go to Disneyland Paris but she didn't allowed. Perhaps she was worried about me. As well as this time, although she was still worried, but a single trip wasn't that boring as what you guys think. I feel so enjoyed in the whole trip and wanted another single trip again! Start thinking to give myself a single trip each year, or perhaps two single trip for a year. And personally think it's different type of enjoy of going on a vacation with friends, tour or alone! It just depends on how you think. :)

OK! Copenhagen Day 1! The first time going on a solo trip, start from Manchester Airport to Copenhagen Airport. Feeling so excited in the plane and after two hours of flight - Hello, Copenhagen! I'm here! Took my luggage and then search for my pre-booked hotel first. Took the wrong way and it almost took me half an hour to reach the hotel, but actually just only 10-15 minutes. Luckily when I feel something wrong, I asked one of the people there and she showed me. Checked in to hotel then start the trip! Because I just stop at Copenhagen for 5 days, and actually it's much than enough time to walk around Copenhagen, so I dun really have an exact plan on what to do for the first day.

Walked around at the city center for exploring and took quite much photos!
The way from hotel to the city center!

Not sure whether is spring or winter, the lake was already iced.

Copenhagen City Hall at the opposite

Strøget - Shopping street in Copenhagen, and also the largest in Europe. 

You know what it is.

The Round Tower

Street art, a normal thing that will be seen in Copenhagen.

La Glace - Original Danish pastries and cookies.

Tivoli Theme Park

Sculpture of Anderson 安徒生

The Art Gallery

The Christianborg Palace
You can see these green sculpture everywhere in Copenhagen. So i can't even remember which is which because there is too much and look the same.

The Royal Playhouse. Architectures in Denmark are so modern and special!

The Opera House

Nyhavn - typical tourist spot, which is also my favourite place!

Kongens Nytorv metro station, and i have no idea why they have these triangles things in each of the metro station.

Just spot their special English characters. So this made their words are hard to pronounce.

Smørrebrød - Open sandwich which is a typical food in Denmark.
And so, this is my dinner for the first day! Quite a big portion. Meet a pair of husband-wife in this restaurant. They can even know this is a big portion for me, but what they said is, perhaps this is also a surprise of this dish because every restaurant serves in a different size. :)

End of day 1. I didn't have a specific tourist spot for the first day. Was just exploring around the city so it will be better for me to visit the city for the coming days. But all the tourist spot are in walking distance even from my hotel, around 15 minutes walking form hotel. Or not, you can even take the metro which is mostly one or two station away, so it is around 2-3 minutes. And so for the coming days, will look more into those tourist attraction spot. :)

丹麦 - 童话王国,或许是这样,更添加它的一份美丽,快乐,单纯.

Stay tuned! *Pictures are taken from my old camera, but mum bought a new camera!*